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AECNU Internet & Computers is a Internet Services Provider specializing in Web Hosting, WPMU Hosting (WordPress MultiSite), VPS Servers (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated Servers. AECNU is also involved in other telecommunications services to include our VoIP, DSL Internet Access, and other Internet Marketing related ventures.

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Our mission is providing affordable performance Web Hosting, VPS Server and Dedicated Server products and resources. We take great pride in our high quality speedy hosting servers and very competitive pricing structure.

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Latest News from Aecnu

WordPress MultiSite DNS Structuring with SSL Case Study
In this case study the clients identity “Bob” will be spelled backwards “boB” so nobody will know to whom we are referring … coming right into an ongoing discussion regarding DNS, “A” records, MultiSites and SSL Certificate provisioning … Part of the answer is indeed boB no longer has a dedicated IP as he added […]

WordPress Backup plugins, Infinite WP plus absolute truth
Ongoing discussion between a WPMU Hosting client and Joe regarding WordPress backup plugins, Infinite WP plus other truths. We have replaced the clients name with “Bob” and spelled it backwards so that nobody knows who we are referring to. Greetings boB 🙂 Thank you for letting me know about your guide/article and from your description […]

WordPress Backup Plugin on WPMU Hosting – Why?
Why would anyone want to use a WordPress backup plugin on a cPanel host that does and/or allows backups without additional charge? Lets see the procedure using a plugin … 1) First of course there is the initial WordPress installation 2) Plugin installation and configuration 3) Then of course the plugin most likely does the […]

Building a kick butt WordPress MultiSite from the ground up
Here we are going to build a kick butt multifunctional multipurpose WordPress MultiSite from the ground up that utilizes Domain Mapping for TLD’s, optional SSL (Using Let’s Encrypt within all shared hosting packages cPanel for mapped domains to include basic settings and features.) Note: at the time of this tutorial the current version of WordPress […]

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